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Spanish-speaking Motivational Speaker

Mark Perez Spanish Motivational Speaker

Do you have employees or team members who speak Spanish and who speak and understand limited English? Jeff Joiner Training now has a solution for you! We have recently added motivational speaker Mark Perez to our team of professional speakers. Mark has translated all of Jeff Joiner's seminars into Spanish. Mark can connect, relate with, and inspire your Spanish-speaking team members is a way that an English-only speaker never could. Drive employee engagement, improve training and performance, and show your Spanish-speaking employees how committed you are to their career success! Mark is available to work with you and your team in the following formats: 

  • Mark and Jeff Joiner can provide your organization with simultaneous dual-language presentations of the same content. Your entire team gets the information in whichever language they understand best.

  • Mark is available to make a solo trip to your organization, presenting on one or several topics in Spanish.

  • Mark can provide two sessions back-to-back, one in English and one in Spanish, covering the same material in different languages.

Mark Perez and Jeff Joiner

Break the language barrier once and for all by helping ALL your employees reach new heights of performance and success with Mark Perez and Jeff Joiner Training!

The topics Mark can present in Spanish include:

"Are You a Scorekeeper, a Referee, or a Coach?" 
Leadership Skills that Will Increase Your Income

"An EPIC Life" 
How to Live, Laugh, and Win Like a Hero

"Navigating the Stormy Seas of Change"

"Creating a Culture of Execution"

"How to Have More Fun, Have Less Stress, and Make Time Fly at Work!"

"Presentation Skills for Today's Business Executives"

"Breaking Through!" 
Taking Your Sales Career to the Next Level

"Are You a Zookeeper, a Babysitter, or a Leader?" 

Learning to Bring Out the Best in Your People

"I Think I’m Allergic to Nuts!" 
Learning to Work Productively with the People Who Drive You Crazy

"Do You and Your Team Know Where You Are Heading"

The 5 Leadership Skills You'll Need to Maximize Your Career Over the Next 5 Years

"Building an Extraordinary Team"

How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

"Silver Lining" 

The Unprecedented, Unbelievable, Undeniable Opportunities Created by Today's Economy


Surviving and Thriving in Any Economy


Skills and Strategies that Get Results

"Tattooing Your Customers" 

5 Outrageous Ideas for Creating Permanent Customers

"Finding the most effective way to communicate with staff can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. Add to that English as a second language along with cultural diversity and the challenge increases substantially. Jeff Joiner Training was able to meet this challenge head on by providing dual language presentations to our staff. Team members were able to assimilate information in their native language and walk away with an understanding of key elements relative to successful job performance and personal excellence. It was remarkable to have staff personally thank me after the presentation for investing in them on an individual level. Thanks to Jeff Joiner Training for bridging the gap!"

– Linda Sharrett 
Director of Food and Nutrition 
Avondale Elementary School District

Jeff Joiner and Mark Perez
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