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Raving Fans

"I have heard a lot of motivational/training speakers over the years, but I am here to say, If you want to listen to someone who can make you want to better yourself as well as the people you work with, then here is your man.  Jeff Joiner is one of the most sincere, godly people I have had the privilege to meet. So if you ever get the chance please do not pass it by. Thanks, Jeff you were a blessing in more ways than you know."

– Mary Lou Dodd, Foodservice Director 
Union County Mississippi Schools

"I absolutely loved your talk, Jeff. I laughed so hard I was in tears. 
Thank you for coming. I can't wait to hear more of your talks."

– Amy Miles 
Okaloosa County School Board

"Thank you so much for coming! We were talking after you left about how much we have all benefited from this training."

– Sylvia Massey 
Pontotoc County School District

"I laughed until I cried!"

– Colleen Johnson, Director of Dining Services 
Muskegon Public Schools

"Jeff Joiner’s training and motivation really made a difference for our company, and it will definitely make a difference for yours!"

– Franco Harris, NFL Hall-of-Famer 
President, Super Bakery

“Jeff teaches a very professional, common sense approach to the selling opportunity. The principles that he discusses allow a salesperson the ability to differentiate themselves from the usual. Jeff’s material is presented in a way that helps to promote interaction within the group and it gives the audience a chance to reflect on their own experiences. I really enjoyed it.”

– Brad Bartlett, President 
Dole Foods North America and Europe

“I believe strongly in re-investing in our people and providing the tools and resources necessary to truly raise and sharpen our people’s individual skill sets.  Jeff’s unique talents provide real-life, engaging, stimulating and focused “classes” geared to our specific teams, helping us impact our customer and client relationships. Thank you Jeff Joiner.”

– Stu Wolff, Executive Vice President 
Acosta Sales & Marketing

“Jeff has a talent to connect with the audience and deliver a message from a different perspective.  It was a pleasure to get to know and work with him.” 

– Mike Davy, Manager of Continuous Improvement 
University of Notre Dame

“Your presentations were fantastic!”

– Paul Becker, President 
School Nutrition Association of Missouri

“I have never heard anything like the stories that come from Jeff Joiner! The thing that I love the most about Jeff’s talks are that he wraps his funny, and sometimes wild life experiences into his teachings to create a message that will stick with his audiences for years. Because of his broad background, he not only relates to, but fully connects and engages people from all walks of life with his stories and teachings. I have been told you always learn more when you are laughing....and yup that's going to happen when listening to Jeff Joiner. Thanks Jeff for sharing and teaching so many! It has had a positive impact on not only our business, but our personal lives as well.”

– Phil Archer, Founder/Owner 
Archer Global Marketing

“Jeff just completed a two day Consultative Selling training session for our company and it was outstanding. Everyone that participated, from the newest salesperson to the VP of Sales came away from the training with new ways of looking at and approaching our customers (both current and potential). Great energy level throughout the two days and definitely worth our time and investment. Thanks Jeff!”

– Steve Haas, Sales Manager 
National Pasteurized Egg Company

“Jeff has a sublime ability to speak naturally, humorously and genuinely.  About self-worth, and that’s so important to care-givers.  He graciously rewards them for being who they are.  He adds meaning to our lives.”

– Justin Moreau, Director 

“Jeff is a high energy and engaging speaker. His enthusiasm, positive focus and knowledge is contagious. He would be a great speaker to book for any communication or sales training.”

– Lincoln Yee, Founder & President 
Asian Food Solutions, Inc.

“Your presentation was awesome and spoke to the heart of what we need.”

– Becky Tyson 
Levy County Schools 

“I was impressed how Jeff made everyone feel at ease and open to self-improvement. Coming out of this training, my team is better prepared than ever to accomplish our sales goals.”

– Mike Vanee, VP of Sales 
Vanee Foods

“The sessions were lively and Jeff kept the staff interest very high, while providing a very important message.  Jeff has proven himself a very competent and professional speaker.”

– Jon Lewis, Director 
Ball State University 

“God has given Jeff a great gift in his ability to present to an audience, keep their attention, and drive home the points that will impact his listeners.”

– Scott P. Eisel, Sales Manager 
Gordon Food Service

“Attending Jeff’s seminar was the best training I have been to all year. His comical yet factual approach to dealing with people is truly something that will help me LEAD my employees and create an awesome atmosphere to work in.”

– Connie Million, Director of Dietary Services 
Decatur County Memorial Hospital

“Jeff Joiner was the best speaker we’ve had in the 6 years that we’ve held the conference.  I hope we can persuade him to return next year as our keynote speaker.”

– Michelle Treber, LD, MA 
Heart Health of Ross County 
Ross County Health District

“After Jeff’s presentation, I am energized and ready to find the positives in our team.  I can't wait to shift the negative focus in our workplace, and to start to make an impact.  Thank you again, it must be rewarding to know that you make an impact on people with what you do.”

– Annmarie Bingle, Food Service Director 
New Branches School

“Thank you for the great presentation.  We had a lot of great comments from our customers on how relevant your material was and how you used pictures and stories to drive your point home.”

– Diana Bott, Healthcare Sales Manager 

“Jeff hit a home run with bases loaded.  I reviewed all the comment cards from the meeting, almost every card listed Jeff as what they liked best about the meeting.  We have never had such a top notch speaker.”

– Mike Dvorak, Division President 
Reinhart Foods

“I am pleased to offer my earnest support of Jeff Joiner. In our working relationship with Jeff, we have found our experiences to be very good and have come to realize that he brings an added value to our organization. He is excellent at speaking with our Zeppe’s franchise community and has been very motivational for them.”

– Joseph T. Ciresi, Founder/President 
Zeppe’s Pizza

“I wanted to thank you for not only inspiring myself but my entire team. Your presentations were fabulous. Thanks!”

– Rick Koss, District Sales Manager 

“I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed listening to you!!   I'm back laughing and smiling and enjoying my job again!!!   Thanks again!!!!”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director 
Damar Services Inc.

“Wow. Great seminar.”

– Lou Toarmina 
Toarmina’s Pizza

“Your presentation was timely and a fantastic way to start off the school year!!  You ‘get it’ and thanks for making us feel important!!  You are awesome!”

– Audrey Yoakum 
Carmel-Clay Schools

“We appreciate your continued support in growing our business. The feedback we received from our customer base that attended the seminars was great!”

– Ted Behen, Vice President-Sales & Marketing 

Your presentation was Engaging, Interesting, and Humorous in light of the seriousness of the subject matter as it related to a very sensitive nature: The Human Condition, the day to day of the working class Heroes. Thank you again.”

– Mark Brown, Food Service Supervisor 
Indianapolis VA Hospital

“I've been on the phone with my team all morning, and the overall reviews have been over the top! Thank you for providing a kick-start with perfect timing!!”

– Thomas Hootman, District Sales Manager 
U.S. Foods

“Your presentation was fantastic! I really enjoyed it. I have already done some of the things you suggested and guess what? It works!”

– Jennifer Berg, Owner 
Fenton Lanes

“I wanted to thank you for helping make our annual meetings successful. Your presentations were certainly the highlight of the meetings.”

– Jess Miller, Owner 
The Bar Restaurant Chain

“I very much enjoyed your presentation - it's easy to tell that you truly enjoy what you do & do it well! I think everyone took at least one thing away they had learned about themselves, as an employer or employee or parent! I'm sure I'll see you in the future & look forward to hearing more presentations!”

– Sue Schnichels, Region Sales Manager 
The J.M. Smucker Company

“It is hard to put into words the value of continuing education and professional development.  Leadership Skills for School Nutrition Professionals developed and presented by Jeff Joiner to 36 Food Service Professionals in South-Western City Schools  was an extraordinary experience.  Every person came away with knowledge and skills to better their work environment.  The four sessions included hands on role playing, small group discussions, and practice sessions for the participants.  Every session built upon the prior session and the kitchen managers were excited to share how they were putting the things they learned into practice in their own cafeterias.  As the Director of Food Services I have been amazed at the shift in attitude and pride that has taken place.  Our kitchen managers feel valued as professionals. They feel empowered and prepared to handle the challenges and opportunities of our ever changing school meals environment. Professional development presented in Jeff Joiner style was fun, fast paced, uplifting and exhilarating.  In my 28 years as a Food Service Director I have never been more proud than I am today of the opportunities these sessions have provided for leadership and personal growth to all of our Food Service Professionals. ”

– Jess Miller, Owner 
The Bar Restaurant Chain

Motivational Speaker Jeff Joiner

“Jeff’s stories bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart while providing an important message. I believe everyone walked away feeling refreshed and energized to face the challenges ahead.”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director
Damar Services Inc.

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