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What Makes Jeff Different?

10 Words That Describe What Makes Jeff Joiner Different from Other Motivational Speakers and Professional Trainers


Jeff doesn’t give “speeches.” He shares stories, experiences, and examples that capture the imagination and attention of the audience. No one has ever been bored during one of Jeff’s presentations.



Jeff takes a humorous approach to serious workplace challenges. His stories and energetic delivery style often has the audience roaring with laughter. It’s not uncommon to see people laughing so hard that they cry!



After working with hundreds of organizations in dozens of industries, Jeff can bring a unique perspective to your organization’s challenges and goals. This leads to breakthroughs in learning, growth, and performance.



Jeff loves to customize a topic for your specific needs. If your conference has a theme, Jeff can put something unique together that will complement the efforts of your planning committee.



Jeff speaks on topics that are current and urgent challenges for every organization; things like, Handling Change, Driving Employee Engagement, Attitude in the Workplace, Consultative Selling, and Cross-Functional Teamwork. Whatever issues emerge as organizational challenges in the future, you can trust that Jeff will be all over them.



If you want to help people grow and change, you can’t be afraid to talk about things that matter. Jeff has the ability to cut to the core of a topic and address the real issues that hold people back in business and in life.



Jeff has been speaking for audiences like yours for 25 years. That is plenty of time to hone his craft, preparing him to provide a world-class experience for your members or employees.



Jeff’s unique background as a university instructor, salesperson, business owner, coach, and professional speaker, combined with his aggressive habit of life-long learning, has given him expertise on a wide variety of topics relevant to his audiences. Nobody has all the answers, but odds are good that Jeff Joiner has some that could help you.



Ask anyone who has hired Jeff to speak at an event. It always goes great. Always. If you are looking to minimize uncertainty at your event and make sure everyone leaves happy, booking Jeff Joiner is a pretty smart move.



Jeff cares deeply, about both the topics he is discussing and the audiences he is addressing. His life goal is to help and equip people to live victoriously and abundantly. If you live life with passion, you are going to LOVE listening to a motivational speaker like Jeff Joiner.


“Jeff’s stories bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart while providing an important message. I believe everyone walked away feeling refreshed and energized to face the challenges ahead.”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director
Damar Services Inc.

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