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  • Speaking TopicAre You a Scorekeeper, a Referee, or a Coach?

    Leadership Skills that Will Increase Your Income

    If you are in a management role, the quickest way to increase your income and advance your career as a Sales Manager is to develop the skills and abilities of the people on your team. Bringing out the best in them is the secret to your success.

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  • Speaking TopicAn EPIC Life

    How to Live, Laugh, and Win Like a Hero

    Are you the heroic star of a compelling tale, or are you just a minor character in the stories of others? If your life is a story, why not make it an Epic one?

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  • Speaking TopicNavigating the Stormy Seas of Change

    Cast a vision, set out in a bold direction, and arrive safely at their destination. With all of the changes going on in your industry, this seminar may be crucial to your survival!

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  • Speaking TopicCreating a Culture of Execution

    Learn how to get everyone on board as you work to create a culture where things get done.

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  • Speaking TopicHow to Have More Fun, Have Less Stress, and Make Time Fly at Work!

    There are few things more hazardous to your health than workplace stress. Here Jeff Joiner shares proven techniques and approaches that can help you be happier and healthier.

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  • Speaking TopicPresentation Skills for Today's Business Executives

    True or False: 10 minutes in front of the right audience could mean more to your business goals than an entire year sitting at your desk. The answer is: True. Prepare youself for those 10 minutes.

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  • Speaking TopicStanding Out in a Crowded Industry

    Learn simple, proven ideas to dramatically increase your revenue. This is a seminar you literally cannot afford to miss!

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  • Speaking TopicBreaking Through!

    Taking Your Sales Career to the Next Level

    Jeff shares his story of how he went from a hard-working, low-achieving sales professional at a Fortune 500 company, to an award-winning top performer in a short period of time.

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  • Speaking TopicAre You a Zookeeper, a Babysitter, or a Leader?

    Learning to Bring Out the Best in Your People

    Address some of the basic principles of leadership, and how you can apply them to achieve extraordinary results, getting more done in less time, with less stress, while creating happier employees, teammates, and customers.

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  • Speaking TopicI Think I’m Allergic to Nuts!

    Learning to Work Productively with the People Who Drive You Crazy

    Learn how to develop productive relationships with the most challenging types of personalities in the workplace.  This seminar includes training on why people behave the way they do, and how you can work with them more effectively.

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  • Speaking Topic2020 Vision

    The 5 Leadership Skills You'll Need to Maximize Your Career Over the Next 5 Years

    To stay ahead of the curve, you need to be developing world-class leadership skills designed to help you navigate your organization and your career into an uncertain future.

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  • Speaking TopicBuilding an Extraordinary Team

    How Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

    Create synergy, handle adversity, and drive engagement.  If you have big dreams for your program, this is a seminar you cannot afford to miss!

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  • Speaking TopicSilver Lining

    The Unprecedented, Unbelievable, Undeniable Opportunities Created by Today's Economy

    Learn simple, yet powerful tactics and strategies to exploit these unprecedented, unbelievable, undeniable opportunities.  Stop reacting to economic conditions and start boldly navigating your operation in the direction of unprecedented growth.

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  • Speaking TopicRecession-Proof

    Surviving and Thriving in Any Economy

    Feeling the squeeze of today’s economy.   For you to survive, you need to do more than hope for the best and try to get a better deal on your purchases.   Surviving requires developing solid strategy, and Thriving requires the flawless execution of that strategy.

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  • Speaking TopicNegotiation

    Skills and Strategies that Get Results

    Negotiation is a skill that can be learned, developed, and mastered, and there are few things you could learn that can have such a big impact on your business.

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  • Speaking TopicTattooing Your Customers

    5 Outrageous Ideas for Creating Permanent Customers

    Learn how to get your customers to love what you do and become loyal raving fans!

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Jeff is also willing and able to develop a customized presentation exactly matched to your needs. If you have a theme for your conference, Jeff will develop and deliver something related to your theme that will help you make it an event no one will forget!

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“I very much enjoyed your presentation - it's easy to tell that you truly enjoy what you do & do it well!”
Sue Schnichels, Region Sales Manager
The J.M. Smucker Company

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