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Why Kids Buy: Behavioral Economics in the School Cafeteria

If you've worked with children (or adults for that matter) for any length of time, you know that their decisions, actions, and behaviors don't always make sense.  Human beings have a bizarre tendency to do things that are harmful to them, or neglect to do things that would clearly benefit them.  The decisions many children and their parents make about lunch demonstrate this phenomenon pretty clearly.  The emerging field of Behavior Economics attempts to make sense out of the decisions people make.  

Drawing on aspects of both psychology and economics, this new field of study examines the cognitive biases that prevent people from making rational decisions. Attendees of the seminar will gain a better understanding of the emotional factors that go into the decision to participate in school lunch.  By understanding Why Kids Buy, child nutrition directors, supervisors, and managers can develop strategies and approaches to effectively entice kids to eat school lunch and influence their friends to do the same.  

Like most industries, having a great product is just the starting point.  Developing marketing strategies based on an understanding of buying habits is a smart way to grow your program, feed more meals, and make a bigger difference in the lives of children!


“I'm back laughing and smiling and enjoying my job again!!!”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director
Damar Services Inc.

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