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Tattooing Your Customers

5 Outrageous Ideas for Creating Permanent Customers

There is no bigger expression of brand loyalty than when a passionate customer gets a company’s logo tattooed on their body. While I hope it doesn’t really happen very often, here’s my question for you: Do your customers love what you do? Really love it? Are they “satisfied,” or are they loyal? Keeping your existing customers is many times less expensive than the cost of acquiring new customers. In this fun seminar, professional keynote speaker and trainer Jeff Joiner will help you and your organization slow down the revolving door and keep your customers excited and coming back.

Attendees will learn 5 Outrageous Ideas for Creating Permanent Customers:

  • Get Rid of Your Satisfied Customers (and replace them with loyal raving fans)

  • Forget About Customer Needs (and focus on what your customers want)

  • Stop Selling Your Products (and help your customers sell their products)

  • Try to Get Complaints (and blow them away with your willingness to make things right)

  • Your Customers Deserve Better Vendors (and I hope that better vendor is you. Work to improve your service every day)

While your customers are probably unlikely to actually tattoo your brand on their arm, you can create an environment where they love what you do, refuse to switch to your competitor, and tell all their friends about the amazing things you do. Let Jeff Joiner help you grow your sales and profits by developing permanent business!


“I'm back laughing and smiling and enjoying my job again!!!”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director
Damar Services Inc.

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