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Surviving and Thriving in Any Economy

Jeff Joiner has spent years working as a consultant in the restaurant industry. There is probably no other segment of the nation’s economy that is more sensitive to economic downturn than the restaurant business. And, yet, there are some restaurants that continue to prosper no matter what is happening in the broader economy. In this dynamic seminar, Jeff Joiner will be sharing what he has learned working with some of the best and worst organizations around the country. He shares innovative ideas that will help you get new customers, while motivating your existing customers to spend more, come back more often, and spread the word about your world-class establishment.  

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Get rid of “satisfied customers” and replace them with raving fans

  • Invest your time more wisely, getting the biggest possible return on your time

  • Drive employee engagement, getting them excited about helping their employer succeed

All of us are feeling the squeeze of today’s economy.   For you to survive, you need to do more than hope for the best and try to get a better deal on your purchases.   Surviving requires developing solid strategy, and Thriving requires the flawless execution of that strategy.


“I'm back laughing and smiling and enjoying my job again!!!”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director
Damar Services Inc.

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