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Presentation Skills for Today's Business Executives

True or False: 10 minutes in front of the right audience could mean more to your business goals than an entire year sitting at your desk. The answer is: True. This seminar is designed to prepare you for those 10 minutes. Combining some of the basics one would learn in a university speech class with real-world business situations and challenges, this workshop put you on the path to becoming an effective, confident speaker. Attendees will learn:

  • The characteristics of exceptional presenters

  • The most powerful and persuasive words to use in a presentation

  • How to organize your ideas

  • Connecting with audiences large and small

  • Reducing nervousness

  • The keys to powerful verbal and non-verbal delivery

  • Express yourself with confidence and clarity

  • Using visual aids effectively

Before Jeff Joiner embarked on his career in corporate America, he was a university instructor teaching Speech Communication for 5 years. He taught Fundamentals of Public Speaking to over 1,000 students and coached Miami University’s Speech Team to 3 State Championships and 2 International Championships. If anyone is qualified to teach your organization how to maximize their ability to present with confidence and power, it’s Jeff Joiner!


“I'm back laughing and smiling and enjoying my job again!!!”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director
Damar Services Inc.

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