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Skills and Strategies that Get Results

Of all the skills you could learn to help advance your career or grow your business, Negotiation Skills are near the top of the list. Most people think they are great negotiators, even though they don’t really even know what it is. Negotiation is not “haggling over price.” A child could do that. Real negotiation is an art. It’s a powerful process where two parties communicate, prioritize, and trade “currencies” to reach a mutually agreeable outcome.

In this powerful workshop Jeff Joiner equips attendees with the perspective and tools they need to start down the path of becoming master negotiators.

Attendees will learn:

  • The difference between Selling and Negotiating

  • The role of power in negotiations

  • The difference between Manipulative and Cooperative Negotiators and the huge difference in results from these two approaches

  • 10 Characteristics of Top Negotiators

It’s hard to imagine a career that could not be assisted by developing some expertise in negotiation. Are you going to keep telling yourself that you are great, or are you willing to learn to become as great as possible?


“I'm back laughing and smiling and enjoying my job again!!!”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director
Damar Services Inc.

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