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Navigating the Stormy Seas of Change

Leading today is like navigating a ship. So many things that effect your journey are out of your control. No matter how hard the winds of change blow, you can always adjust your sails. People don’t hate change – they hate the uncertainty that usually accompanies change.

It can seem sometimes like your industry is the only one going through profound change. People who attend this seminar will realize that change is happening everywhere, and how their ability to handle that change has a direct connection to their stress and heath.

In this seminar, Change Management expert Jeff Joiner covers 4 Tips for Navigating Change:

  • Identify Your Purpose. If you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish with your career and your life, how do you know what direction to steer your ship?

  • Focus on Things You Can Control. You only have so much time and energy. Don’t waste it worrying about, talking about, or complaining about things you can’t control.

  • Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing. Focusing on what is most important makes change navigation much easier.

  • Lighten Up. The same people that have trouble handling change have trouble handling everything. Learn to relax and laugh at yourself and your circumstances and see if navigating change doesn’t become easier.

With all of the changes going on in your industry, this seminar will not only help you get to where you want to go faster than you imagined, it may be crucial to your survival!


“I'm back laughing and smiling and enjoying my job again!!!”

– Dottie Gilliam, Director
Damar Services Inc.

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