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Motivational Speaker

Karl Lehman Motivational Speaker

Karl’s passion is developing teams and leaders by focusing on common goals & purpose. Additionally, his life experiences have lead him to be very adept at overcoming adversity and effectively teaching others how to live victoriously no matter what the circumstance. These skills result in being an affective change agent for any organization. He shares stories with passion tied into effective and purposeful techniques resulting in positive, permanent change.

Karl is effective at driving cooperation between cross-functional teams by setting focused goals through meeting facilitation. He relates with people from every level of an organization due to his diverse background in athletics, coaching, business ownership and quality assurance. His technical knowledge of quality assurance tools, leadership and team building coupled with proven effective presentation and motivational skills lead to positive results. 

Karl’s technical strengths are teaching, and people- and team-development. He can get to the root cause analysis and preventive measures implementation by using practical application of quality problem solving tools to improve productivity, efficiency and scrap reduction to positively affect the bottom line.

Motivational Speaking Topics

  • Living and Leading with Purpose

  • Teamwork: Going beyond the Cliché

  • Be a Victor not a Victim

  • Developing and Living a PMA

  • Be Fire Engine Red in a Pastel World

Technical Topics

  • Quality Tools equal Quality Work

  • Apply the Cure, Not the Band-Aid

  • Waste Not Want Not

  • Put the Bottom Line in Your Pocket

“I’ve heard Karl speak on many occasions in both professional and personal settings. Karl has an amazing ability to share an important message and bring it from the heart and truly connect with people. I always feel like Karl speaks the truth in a loving way!”

– Doug Mosier
Landscape Business Owner

"Karl has a knack for connecting with whomever he is talking to - whether he is one-on-one or in front of a group of people; a “need” not all speakers are successful at fulfilling. He sincerely cares, and communicates that consistently. He is a walking testimony of an overcoming attitude and encouraging spirit!" 

– Lisa Frye
Business Trainer

“Karl is a very good and effective speaker. He knows how to keep the audience's attention and deliver the point. He would be a great asset to any team.” 

– Bryon Morris
United States Postal Service

“Edification is a strength that I have seen in Karl. Whenever he is talking front of people or just in casual one on one conversations, he is always edifying and uplifting someone. I believe that Karl passes down to all the leaders with whom he has connected. He is very bold when he speaks. The audience can clearly tell that he believes in what he is saying.”

– Chris Saylor

“I have had the privilege of hearing Karl speak on multiple occasions and he is very effective at what he does.  He always connects with his audiences because he speaks genuinely and knows how to relate to people of all different types.  Karl’s ability to learn from his own life-experience and translate it into a message relevant to his audience makes him an especially powerful speaker.”

– Nick Fallat, Dental Sales Professional
Heraeus Kulzer

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