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Taking Your Sales Career to the Next Level

Breaking Through

Jeff Joiner’s daughter Amanda is a 2nd degree Black Belt and a National Champion in Karate. Interestingly, the biggest hurdle in her training was breaking boards. She tried and tried, but just couldn’t break through. Finally, with a few small changes in mindset, technique, and strategy, she started breaking them every time with ease. 


She was just like a lot of professional salespeople, “hitting it” over and over, just hard enough to get tired, sore, and discouraged, without ever breaking through. In this dynamic training, Jeff shares his story of how he went from a hard-working, low-achieving sales professional at a Fortune 500 company, to an award-winning top performer in a short period of time. Attendees of this seminar will learn how to: 

  • Stop “closing sales” and start developing partnerships

  • Get rid of your “satisfied customers”

  • Avoid the Price Trap

  • Turn complaints into more sales

  • Understand why people buy the things they buy

The key to selling in the modern world is delivering value. The more value you deliver, the less price matters. But if you don’t know how to understand, position, and deliver value – all that’s left is price. Let Jeff help you and your sales team dramatically improve your sales results.

Motivational Speaker Jeff Joiner

“Jeff just completed a two-day Consultative Selling training session for our company and it was outstanding... Great energy level throughout the two days and definitely worth our time and investment. Thanks Jeff!”

– Steve Haas, Sales Manager
National Pasteurized Egg Company

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