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Learning to Work Productively with the People Who Drive You Crazy

I Think I'm Allergic to Nuts!

One of the best parts of your job is probably that you get to work with people. One of the worst parts of you job is provably that you have to work with people! Working with other people can be amazing or infuriating, depending on who those people are and your skills at dealing with them effectively. You may not have control over who you have to work with, but you do have control over how skilled you are willing to become in Dealing with Difficult People. Who should attend this seminar? Leaders, managers, directors, team leaders, teammates, or anyone who wants to learn how to get along with (and be productive with) the difficult people in their life.


Attendees will learn how to develop productive relationships with the most challenging types of personalities in the workplace. The seminar, conducted by relationship and productivity expert and motivational speaker Jeff Joiner includes training on:

  • What are “Difficult People”

  • Why it’s Important to Learn to Deal with The People Who Drive You Crazy

  • Understanding Why People Behave the Way They Do

  • General Advice on Dealing with Difficult People

  • The 7 Most Common Types of Difficult People


Stop pulling your hair out and letting other people ruin your day. Investing your time into learning how to deal with the problematic people in your life may be the best decision you’ve ever made.

Motivational Speaker Jeff Joiner

“Attending Jeff’s seminar was the best training I have been to all year. His comical yet factual approach to dealing with people is truly something that will help me LEAD my employees and create an awesome atmosphere to work in.”

– Connie Million, Director of Dietary Services
Decatur County Memorial Hospital

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