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Motivational Speaker

Greg Gibbs Motivational Speaker

Greg Gibbs has spent his entire career in the non-profit sector. With education in both Theology and Organizational Communication, his leadership in churches and faith-based organizations has given him a unique vantage point on how to motivate volunteers and rally support around causes funded by charitable giving. He is a crystal clear communicator and consultant, having worked with hundreds of organizations, churches, and schools all over the country. He has been personally involved in raising over $100 Million dollars for these groups. He is headquartered in Detroit, where he serves on the Executive Team of one of America’s largest churches and as the Executive Vice-President of Warren Strategies, a non-profit consulting group. Greg speaks on various topics that inspire people to live at a higher level, and specializes in Strategic Planning and Communication Skills for Leaders. 

Greg has this unique mix of experience – he has a knack for business and an interest in organizational behavior, but most of this was forged in a non-profit and volunteer-driven environment. This allows for a special approach to motivating people when you don’t always have a paycheck to hold over them. Along the way, he has had to gain expertise in dealing with difficult people and hard conversations. If you can imagine a coach with the chops of a CEO and the heart of a clergyman, this is what you get when you connect with Greg. He is a musician, writer and has run five full marathons. He and his wife Andrea met in college, have four kids, two dogs and love to mentor college age young people.

Motivational Speaking Topics

  • Handling Difficult Conversations Like A Pro

  • Giving Growth: Raising Money for Cause-Driven Groups

  • Getting Where You Are Going: Personal Success Mapping

  • Self-Leadership: The Key To Influence 

  • Give It All Away: Empowering Those Around You

  • Life Balance: Success At Work and At Home

"Greg presenting to groups and teams is like a breath of fresh air. Powerful information is presented in a way that feels like he sat down over a cup of coffee to talk about life. He can quickly size up what the heart of the matter is and help refocus the team on what's important so you can head up the next mountain."

– Joel Campbell, Vice President & Treasurer
H & R Block

"Greg has been a pleasure to work with in our organization. His broad background combined with a unique gift of listening and insight helped our leadership team discover strengths and weaknesses that were not readily understood internally. His casual and personable style connected immediately with us allowing maximum productivity. We can't wait to work with him again!"

– Blair Morgan, Territory Manager

"Greg has a passion for people and a personal vulnerability that resonates with audiences. He is humorous and heartfelt. Having led and served at churches and various organizations for many years, Greg knows how to help organizations hone in on their strengths, overcome obstacles, and create a culture that is exciting and focused."

– Gary J. Clemmer, Executive Director 
Ecclesia Hollywood

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