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An EPIC Life

How to Live, Laugh and Win Like a Hero

A Book by Jeff Joiner

Have you ever felt like you were special? That you were supposed to accomplish something significant with your life? Something amazing? Well, you are special, and you are supposed to do amazing things with your life, and if you are not currently on the path to accomplishing that amazing thing, it’s time to get started.


Whether you know it or not, you are an author. Your life is a story, and you are not only the author of that story, you are the main character. You are the villain in this story, but you’re also the hero; responsible for most of your problems and mistakes, while at the same time, the only person in your story who can save the day. The question is, what kind of story is your life? A comedy? A tragedy? A joke?


Deep down, everyone want’s their story to be an Epic. A glorious tale of unlikely heroes battling seemingly insurmountable odds, to accomplish things that will be remembered forever. A story where the hero never gives up and prevails in the end.


Join nationally recognized professional speaker and master story-teller Jeff Joiner, as he takes you through a journey of inspiration self-discovery, sharing stories from his life’s adventures and lessons that will help you win your won battles. The stories in this book are hilarious, often embarrassing, and sometimes unbelievable. But they are all true, and they capture the efforts of an ordinary man trying (and mostly failing) to do extraordinary things. It’s a collection of funny stories with serious lessons. Readers will learn:

  • How to assemble of team to help you accomplish any goal

  • How to create an environment where people want to change

  • The dire consequences of jumping to conclusions

  • The power of taking your eyes off yourself and serving others

  • How to prepare for and capitalize on opportunities that will change your life

  • The difference between a vocation and a calling

  • The importance of “Taking the Shot” when you get the chance

  • Finding the seed of opportunity in every adversity

  • What to do when you totally blow it

  • How to develop a strategy to get what you want out of life

  • The insurmountable power of belief

  • Where you are likely to find the best parts of your adventure

  • Keys to effective communication with others

  • How to summon the courage to take a leap of faith

If you want your life to matter; if you have huge goals that you’d like to accomplish, this is a book you can’t afford not to read. You’ll probably laugh,and you may cry, but more than anything, you’ll learn how to win. If you know how to win, and you’re on the path toward a worthwhile destination, then all that’s left is to see how the story unfolds. I suspect it will be amazing. I hope you decide to make your story Epic.

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An EPIC Life
Motivational Speaker Jeff Joiner

“I have never heard anything like the stories that come from Jeff Joiner! The thing that I love the most about Jeff’s talks are that he wraps his funny, and sometimes wild life experiences into his teachings to create a message that will stick with his audiences for years.”

– Phil Archer, Founder/Owner
Archer Global Marketing

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