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Jeff Zurcher

Motivational Speaker Jeff Zurcher

There are few topics more relevant to success in the modern world than leadership. If you are wanting to develop the leadership capacity of the people in your organization, look no further than Jeff Zurcher. Jeff is an expert in leadership and its connection to high performance and success.

Jeff Zurcher earned his Doctorate in Education in the field of Organizational Leadership. His research focus has been on the social and psychological facets of leadership. Specifically, this research addresses how personal perception impacts the ability of organizational leaders to succeed.

Zurcher has also done extensive study on the leadership dynamic itself—what leadership is (and is not); who can participate in, or “do” leadership; and how leadership makes a difference in organizations. He also has expertise in other aspects of organizations in-depth, including culture and climate, change, power, creativity, and wisdom.

But Dr. Zurcher is not your typical academician. In fact, he is not your typical anything…which makes him an excellent and engaging speaker. Yes, his talks incorporate a concrete, research-based understanding of topics, but his delivery is straight-forward and entertaining—typically weaving in elements from diverse sources like pop-culture, literature, politics, theology, and personal anecdotes. He highly values humor, and let’s just say that both his personality and wit are decidedly non-academic.

Many weeks Zurcher can be found teaching a small- or medium-sized group. He also has exceled in leading seminars and believes that each keynote speech he gives is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. Additionally, he frequently addresses athletic teams.

He attended the University of Kentucky, where he received a Bachelors degree in English and in journalism, along with a Masters degree in diplomacy. He also played football for the Wildcats; his senior season he was elected team captain and earned Academic All-American honors. While at UK, he met his lovely wife; the two have been married 13 years and have 3 young children who never sleep. In his “free” time, which, given his busy family life, is largely theoretical, Zurcher enjoys graphic design, reading, freelance writing, poetry, landscaping, sports, and music (his listens often to The Beatles, Switchfoot, country, classical, and whatever his kids let him play in the van).

Zurcher resides in the Cincinnati area. There, he serves as the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization and also as the Vice President of Marketing /Communications for a privately-held healthcare company. He and his family are active in their church, are big on Pixar movies, and love to travel.

Leadership Speaking Topics

  • The Leadership Dynamic
  • Perception and Power
  • Organizational Culture
  • Athletics as a Teacher
  • Creativity
  • Wisdom at Work

"Jeff has a special ability to communicate with passion and instruction amessage that motivates a person to change and seek truth. He takes the complex and mixes it with history and real life experiences to produce a message of inspiration. Jeff can reach into the soul of all types of audiences (adults, teenagers, professionals) with a contextual awareness that works."
David Bodnar, CFP - President
D-B Financial Advisors
"Dr. Zurcher led our staff in an informative professional development
seminar, one of our more memorable ones. He effectively carried out creative and engaging objet lessons that enhanced his message and communicated clear principles that benefitted our team tremendously."
William Bigham - VP for Advancement
Cedarville University
"Jeff Zurcher has the unique ability as a communicator to share wisdom, humor, and a wealth of insights from a successful athletic, business, and academic career. He uses his gifts both to motivate and inspire."
Keith Madison - National Director
Baseball sScore International

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