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Glen Evans

Leadership Speaker Glen Evens

Glen Evans impacts his audiences by changing their minds about personal safety. When he began his career in law enforcement, his simple desire was to protect people. He pursued specialized training to help police officers respond appropriately to uncooperative, angry and violent people safely. What he soon realized was he was responding to calls long after an aggressive act had happened. By then it was too late to prevent innocent people from being harmed and he found it frustrating to say the least.

Relying on his 26 years of public safety training, Glen set out to help people in a completely new way. He knew if regular people had the same interpersonal skills and training as police officers, they could know what to do in the face of human aggression and possibly prevent toxic violence from happening at all. Through his years of speaking, he has discovered when people develop a right response, confrontation and aggression can be averted making the workplace safer for everyone.

Through his safety seminars, he has helped thousands of people understand they have the power to make their workplace safer by recognizing potentially dangerous situations and developing important skills to mitigate and de-escalate verbal confrontations, prevent workplace violence, stop sexual harassment, and survive active shooter situations. It all begins with having a plan.

Glen provides exciting keynote addresses and physical training events for corporations, non-profits, schools and religious institutions interested in protecting their staff and employees from the growing problem of violence spilling over into the workplace. His speaking skills allow him to take on serious safety topics and turn them into memorable, entertaining and fun speaking and training events giving your organization the ability to protect and empower employees.

Motivational Safety Speaking Topics

  • Verbal De-Escalation  
    "Keeping Your Head When Customers/Co-Workers Are Losing Theirs"
  • Workplace Violence
    "When the Shooting Starts: Survival Skills for the Workplace Violence"
  • Customized Safety Presentations
  • Self Defense for Women

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"I hired Glen to come to our Learning Center as a professional development training for our teachers. This training was hands down the most helpful training we’ve ever had. Not only did we all walk out feeling like we were informed about safety in our school but we also felt empowered and armed with skills and strategies to protect our students and ourselves should we ever need them."
Joanie Weghorst
"Glen's training was excellent. I never thought I could stop an intruder. Now I think it is possible."
Angela Pytel
"Before Glen's Seminar, I was not nearly as confident as I am now and I didn’t even want to think about safety. I now have new found confidence, a voice, and new skills. Glen was fantastic, knowledgeable and made it easy for us to follow. He was very engaging!"
Gretchen Trubee
"Glen was a great presenter - he was funny and kept things moving."
"I really enjoyed the de-escalation piece of the training - an important life skill that can be used in any situation!"
Jared Ratliff
School Support Staff
"Glen's training was awesome! Every school should participate in this training."
Jared Shafer
School Support Staff
"I had nothing but positive feedback from employees taking the Glen's classes and how it changed how they would react in a potentially violent situation. Thanks!"
Ed Florhe
V.P. of Human Resources
"The training we received from Glen Evans gave our staff the confidence and knowledge necessary to create the safest possible environment for our students. The tactical information given to us was specific to our environment and has been invaluable. Glen is experienced and well prepared and was able to guide our staff through difficult topics with skill, understanding, and wisdom."
Mary Binning Teacher

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